Since May 2011, ANSM has changed the current system of booking and allocation of timeslots for the decentralised procedures (DCP) with France acting as the Reference Member State. ANSM opens two booking periods each year to allow submission of timeslot requests for decentralised procedures.


DCP time slots for the 2nd  half of 2013

Pharmaceutical companies wishing to book a slot for the second half of 2013, have to send the slot request form between December 1st , 2012 and January 31st, 2013  by email to the following address:


Mutual recognition procedures including repeat-use procedures

For mutual recognition procedures including repeat-use procedures, the system remains unchanged.
Requests for slots will continue to be submitted throughout the year to obtain a slot for the current year or the year after using the appropriate request form which has to be sent by email to the following address:


Posted on the ANSM website on 21 Nov 2012