The European Medicines Agency has published its work programme for 2013. This year, the Agency’s priorities are to:


  • continue to ensure that assessment activities are conducted to the highest levels of quality and of regulatory and scientific consistency;
  • continue to implement the pharmacovigilance legislation, depending on resources;
  • continue to prepare for the implementation of the falsified-medicines legislation;
  • prepare for the outcome of the European Commission’s impact assessment on revision of the veterinary-medicines legislation;
  • further develop the communication and transparency activities of the Agency.


To support these priorities, the Agency will also focus on contributing towards successful collaboration within the European medicines regulatory network, and will run a number of projects and initiatives aimed at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations.


The Agency forecasts a stable number of applications for marketing authorisation for human and veterinary medicines in 2013.


The Agency publishes a work programme every year in English. It will soon publish the introduction of the 2013 work programme translated into all official European Union languages.


Posted on the EMA website on 13 February 2013