The purpose of this guidance is to assist applicants of new drug applications and biologics license applications in developing drug products for the treatment of nonallergic rhinitis (NAR) in children and adults. The guidance discusses issues regarding the definition of a clinical phenotype, trial design, efficacy, and safety for new drug products under development. In particular, the guidance addresses development programs for the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis (VMR), which is a subtype of NAR.

This guidance does not contain discussion of the general issues of statistical analysis or clinical trial design. Those topics are addressed in the ICH guidances for industry E9 Statistical Principles for Clinical Trials and E10 Choice of Control Group and Related Issues in Clinical Trials and the ICH draft guidance for industry E9(R1) Statistical Principles for Clinical Trials: Addendum: Estimands and Sensitivity Analyses in Clinical Trials.

Posted on the FDA website on 5 September 2018