The purpose of this guidance is to make recommendations on the appropriate language to include in the labeling of a medical product to convey that natural rubber latex was not used as a material in the manufacture of the product, product container, and/or packaging. FDA is concerned that statements submitted for inclusion in medical product labeling, such as “latexfree,” “does not contain natural rubber latex,” or “does not contain latex” are not accurate because it is not possible to reliably assure that there is an absence of the allergens associated with hypersensitivity reactions to natural rubber latex in the medical product. Use of these terms may give users allergic to natural rubber latex a false sense of security when using a medical product. FDA is recommending that a consistent, scientifically accurate statement be used by all manufacturers who wish to convey that natural rubber latex was not used as a material in the manufacture of a medical product, its container and/or packaging.



Posted on the FDA website on 2 December 2014