Tiotropium delivered via Respimat compared with Handihaler: no significant difference in mortality in TIOSPIR trial

Take the risk of cardiovascular side effects into account when prescribing tiotropium delivered via Respimat or Handihaler to patients with certain cardiac conditions, who were excluded from clinical trials of tiotropium (including TIOSPIR).




INOmax (nitric oxide) cylinders: valve defect might stop gas delivery early in some cylinders

While this defect is still being investigated, we remind you to always have a full spare cylinder loaded on the delivery device so the cylinders can be switched without delay.



Drugs and driving: blood concentration limits set for certain drugs

We remind you that a new offence will be enforced from 2 March 2015 in England and Wales.



Letters sent to healthcare professionals since November 2014

Since November 2014, letters were sent regarding vismodegib (Erivedge ▼), chlorhexidine solutions, carbocisteine oral liquid (Mucodyne Paediatric 125mg/5ml), regadenoson (Rapiscan), a parenteral nutrition emulsion (Triomel), and telavancin (Vibativ▼).



Posted on the UK MHRA website on 16 February 2015