Yellow fever vaccine: stronger precautions in people with weakened immunity and in those aged 60 years or older

The Commission on Human Medicines has issued a series of recommendations to strengthen measures to minimise risk with the yellow fever vaccine (Stamaril) following very rare fatal reactions.

Carfilzomib (Kyprolis▼): risk of reactivation of hepatitis B virus

Establish hepatitis B status before initiating carfilzomib and in patients with unknown hepatitis B virus serology who are already being treated with carfilzomib.

Letters and drug alerts sent to healthcare professionals in October 2019

Letters were sent about quadrivalent influenza vaccine, fentanyl ampoules, and Volibris (ambrisentan), and a number of pharmacy-level recalls were issued for ranitidine-containing products.

Medical Device Alerts issued in October 2019

Alerts were issued about Rocket and NuSurgix fetal blood sampling (FBS) amnioscopes and kits, Philips Efficia professional-use defibrillators/monitors, and CME T-34 3rd edition syringe driver pumps.

Posted on the UK MHRA website on 22 November 2019