Drug safety advice


Ivabradine may be associated with the risks of bradycardia, atrial fibrillation, and other cardiovascular risks. Only start ivabradine if the resting heart rate is at least 70 beats per minute.


Following a review of the latest evidence of an association between isotretinoin and psychiatric disorders, we remind you to monitor all patients for signs of depression and refer for appropriate treatment if necessary. Warn patients and their family that isotretinoin might cause psychiatric disorders and tell them to watch out for symptoms.


The licences of all hydroxyethyl starch (HES) products were suspended in the UK in June 2013. A European regulatory review of the benefits and risks of HES has since been completed.


There have been life threatening and fatal cases of gas embolism with use of hydrogen peroxide during surgery. We remind you that hydrogen peroxide must not be used during surgery.


There have been reports of reconstituted solution leaking from some models of extension sets and pumps. The administration accessories listed below have been shown to be compatible with Veletri.