Initial recommendations from on leadless cardiac pacemaker therapy from MHRA Expert Advisory Group

Leadless cardiac pacemaker therapy: design of pre- and post-market clinical studies

In 2015 the MHRA’s Devices Expert Advisory Committee (DEAC) commissioned the Expert Advisory Group on leadless cardiac pacemaker devices.

The group was tasked with producing a framework document aimed at manufacturers and notified bodies to cover best practice in:

  • pre-market clinical evaluation of current and planned devices, including advice on pre-market clinical trial design
  • post-market clinical evaluation of current and planned devices and evaluation of data gathered in the post-market phase.

This guidance applies to new devices and all design changes or iterations and enhancements that might affect the clinical safety or performance of the leadless device. It provides advice on general statistical principles which can guide decisions in designing and conducting the study.

Posted on the UK MHRA website on 13 March 2017