Copies of letters sent to healthcare professionals in April 2013, to inform of new safety information and advice.


Date sent Medicine Safety information

8 April 2013

Telaprivir (Incivo)PDF file (opens in new window) (88Kb)

Risk of severe cutaneous adverse reactions

8 April 2013

Thalidomide (Celgene)

Risk of second primary malignancies

Letter for healthcare professionalsPDF file (opens in new window) (87Kb)

Letter for pharmacistsPDF file (opens in new window) (87Kb)

12 April 2013

Rituximab (MabThera)PDF file (opens in new window) (56Kb)

Risk of toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome

25 April 2013

Mecasermin (Increlex)PDF file (opens in new window) (57Kb)

Temporary market shortage






Posted on the UK MHRA website on 2 May 2013