The Central Alerting System (CAS) is currently managed by the MHRA on behalf of the Department of Health.  CAS is a cascading system for issuing patient safety alerts, important public health messages and other safety critical information and guidance to the NHS and others, including independent providers of health and social care.


We have been asked to conduct a review of CAS and its IT capabilities with the aim of making recommendations for improvements to the system.  We are asking for anyone who receives and handles alerts to complete the following survey to provide feedback that will help us understand what elements of the system currently work well, and what improvements you would like to see. This survey will be available until 22 February 2013, and the responses will be considered by a project team of those responsible for issuing CAS alerts.


A review of CAS, the Central Alerting System (link to SurveyMonkey)


Posted on the UK MHRA website on 25 January 2013